Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Eye of Horus : The Pineal Gland | The Eye of Horus Mystery School

The Eye of Horus : The Pineal Gland | The Eye of Horus Mystery School

The Eye of Horus... the Pineal Gland. 

It has a retina, pines and cones, and it is connected to the visual cortex of the brain. The high content of DMT flares in color inside in the presence of an electromagnetic field, energy and consciousness. 

Directed by YOUR focus.... you can SEE, FEEL, HEAR, KNOW... in one word : BE CONSCIOUS from your Human Self across dimensions. 

It is not only a receptor, it is also a transmitter, allowing you to project yourself all over the All that Is, visit your loved ones, send Light, Healing and Love, BE the Angel that You Are.

Osiris projecting Consciousness and energy. Temple of Osiris, Abydos.

How is it activated? Raise your vibration. Vibrate in the frequency of Love Divine, and you will find it has always been there, unaccessed, underused. 

Isis communicating with Horus
You need to open up and merge with your Divine Self. Meditating and maintaining a harmonious state of being opens you up to the Infinite Realm of Spirit.. 

When you start perceiving, you will perceive things you may not like, or that trigger you. If you judge, you will close off again. Only pure unconditional Love will allow you to move through that blockage, and enjoy your birthright, to see and be consciously Present all over the Universe. Because YOU contain it all.

I Am that I Am


  1. I just got the Eye of Horus or "RA" today...so happy about it.I enjoyed your page here. Thank you for your dedication to Love and the GREAT Shift.

    1. Thank you for the kind words, Crystalight. I appreciate that. Sending warm blessings your way!