Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Your Magnficence is your "Security" in These Times of Great Change.

We all want to feel security, assurance. We want stability. It is so important, and as with all important things in life, we fear about it.

There’s nothing assured in the material world. If we know that evolution brings change, then why do we crave security so much?

It is because we still choose not to acknowledge Who We Are, and how powerful Creators we are. As you see your versions of reality crumble, and feel the fear creeping up your chakras, you are faced with a decision moment: will I sit and cry for the old? “No. Something in my heart tells me there is more.”

If you want security, you can be sure about the Laws of the Universe, which you have established yourself. You can be sure that your “reality” is the exact same hologram of your energy, of your beliefs, of the thoughts you entertain and give your passion to. Individually and collectively.

Deep down, in our very Core, we want security because we know we are not at the mercy of life. We Are Life Itself. We have given ourselves this experience to discover how powerful Masters of Manifestation we Are.

So, dear Soul, wake up. Open your heart eyes and see yourself. See your Magnificence. If you think you haven’t, call for an epiphany, call for a vision, ask for a dreamtime experience, anything, but ask. You will be given the guidance you ask. Better yet, know that you have the power to see for yourself.

In these times of change, your security is in YourSelf, in Being You. No matter where you go, no matter what you do, no matter if the whole 3D crumbles beneath you, You Are a Master Creator, and the Universe throws itself at your feet, at your Sovereign Command.

Reconnect right now, inside, in your Heart, dear One. It is time to fulfill your Purpose, to shine in this world as the Master that You Are.

Happy evolving, dear Angel of Light!


  1. Beautiful!!! :) So true! Authenticity is so important right now!

  2. Good words and thank you for posting them. Unfortunately, a lot of people experience suffering because of their environment. Naturally, their environment is where they draw their experiences. Though these (as in all) experiences are Only ever a perception. This is why visualization is so powerful. It enables you to change your experience, which in turn, has a knock on effect on your mental and even physical health. Have you heard of Gregg Braden? He has written a book about 2012, along with various books about the science behind our divine power. One of them is called "The Divine Matrix", and he is also in a movie called "The Science of Miracles".
    Happy New Year. Toby, Law of Attraction Books