Friday, April 8, 2016

Be Who You Are


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Many times we think we are in trouble because we are who we are…. i.e. flawed
Other people told us so often how inadequate they thought we were…and we believed it
We ended up saying it ourselves…and we believed it

Enough of that mental cage.

Truth is, in you there’s already all you need for your life to be a success, whatever this means to you.

A wise doctor once told me that Mother Earth has in it every remedy for any disease, for any ailment. Including the ‘incurable’. And he walks his talk, I have witnessed it.

I have always thought that this is true. Even in your region, the place where you live has in it everything to support your life.

So, what about ourselves? We have within us everything we need to expand and enjoy life.
Our flaws are compatible with our strengths. Deep within, like Mother Earth, we have what it takes.


Start by believing in yourself, and in a rogue way. 
Who cares what others think about you? 
Only you walk in your shoes. 
Only you know how much or how little you have tried and why.

Pick up the pieces of yourself. They are all over the place. Regain your self respect. Regain your energy, that has been sequestered by others who have tried to fill their void with your Essence….

To do this, you need to accept everything about you, everything, not leaving anything outside, not even the darkest corners of you.


Self concept. It’s time to abandon the old self concept you grew up with, and make your own.

Live life. If you make mistakes, let them be your OWN. Not someone else’s mistakes or opinions of how you should be living your life.

Be honest with yourself. No, you won’t get lost, you will set yourself free.

Be who you are. Natural you. Not scripted you.
Not acting by obligation, but by conviction, by passion.

Can you feel it? 
Can you feel how your body welcomes your energy back? 
Can you feel how there has always been a Sun within you that knows no boundaries?

Decide that it is time to be Who You Are. Whatever or whoever that is.
Realign with yourself. Right now.
Feel your own personal power switching on.
Feel yourself blossom like you never thought you would.

The energy of life is now in your hands.

I honor you all.

Marco Antonio Gómez

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Breath

The breath is a "YES" to life.

When you know that this is your Soul flow, you release the conception of limitation regarding your personal energy
You release the power within you to be your own Solar Child,
the expansion of yourself on this planet.

Whatever your state of mind, your state of health, or of emotion, know that this is your key , the perfection of ease and grace to walk on this blessed dimension.

Use your breath to recharge your energy field
use your breath to allow the entrance of peace to your Heart

You release the content of your life struggles through the breath, and assimilate the light codes of your remembrance.

Blessed you are, 
Light Master of the Universe, 
Child of your Self
begin this process now

Stay centered, patient, knowing that you are still coming into the body, and do it breath by breath.

All I wish to tell you today is that you live as the Asclepius of your own Supreme Core. 
Recognize who you are and get in the driver's seat of your life.

The world needs you, 
the world welcomes your Light
Now and forever, 
Blesser of Worlds, 
Master of Light,
Be with us!

I honor you all
Marco Antonio Gómez

Monday, August 10, 2015

Free to Live in Joy

If you are currently immersed in a life theme, you have chosen to explore it.

As Beings of Consciousness we are Universal, Eternal, Total. When we decide to enter a 'reality' such as this one, we make a choice: whether to Be here in Full Consciousness, SuperSoul Avatars of Ourselves or to prime ourselves for a specific role trend (family person, lover, leader, etc).

This is the reason behind the roles people play, and why many times we feel we don't "fit in": If you have been experiencing the latter, you are here for a transcendental life. does that work??

First, as a free spirit, you've come in with the potential of your Fullness. And this potential manifests in you as the powerful yearning for total freedom from the madness of human life limitations: "why work??" we ask. "Why do we have to play this boring game??"

And so we live as a powerful vortex of Freedom, of personal Sovereignty, even though we are immersed in a reality we have bought, but that we don't have to.

Family man, father, mother, spouse, artist, technician, whatever, none of the to show freedom within this experience? By knowing that everything is cyclical, temporary, and it's just an agreed-upon scenario for experience.

This can give you tremendous freedom, because it comes from your High Consciousness: I am NOT trapped here. The moment you expand in your own Consciousness you understand that realities are as fluid as you allow yourself to be. And that you can stay as dense as long as you think it is serving you, as experience.

Take a deep breath, brother, sister of mine. You are not trapped here.

You came here on your own free will, knowing that you have the potential to live the delicious experience and to do it in Wisdom and Freedom if you chose to expand and transcend mental limitations.

Live your life, in Joy. If you are currently playing role in a human game, become aware of it and make any choice you want. Play it elegantly, play it as the Master that you are. Or get out of at will. Your choice. Free to live in Joy,

I honor you

Marco Antonio Gómez

Friday, July 31, 2015

Our Eyes Project our Reality

Our Eyes project our reality 
(better said, our Consciousness does), 
as opposed to just perceiving it.
Perception and attention can become a tight loop, sometimes very hard to break.

When we experience adverse conditions and we focus on them, they become more energized. We may even curse them, and it's like cutting Hydra's head, it grows two other heads instead. We keep thinking about a solution, using only our mind, and we keep energizing it. And following Universal Law, the problem snowballs, and we are suddenly in deep trouble. Structures collapse, health deteriorates, people become alienated, etc etc...this is THE VICIOUS LOOP.

We often take it to its maximum potential, and it becomes a crisis, a moment of choice, and then we break the loop, through a change in consciousness.

On the other hand is a different attitude: 
when we observe something that's not of our preference, 
we automatically know what we'd rather see. 
We entertain the new, desired reality, 
feeling how nice it would be to experience it. 
We maintain our luminous state of being, 
and naturally, the undesired condition falls out of focus, 
it loses energy, 
and it implodes all by itself. 

The new, desired condition/thought becomes so energized by our Joy, 
that Universal Force rushes in to fill in the template we have in our attention, 
and before we know it, it "coagulates" : 
it appears in our experience. 

These dynamics are birthed inside. Therefore, the change in your "reality" is instantaneous. Outer manifestation will come, but you don't really care now: you have shifted to a higher reality by yourself.
And you will have the experiences germane to your new frequency.

Adverse conditions will always exist, in their own vibrational environment, for those souls who wish to experience them and learn from that. Don't waste energy trying to make them go, the Hydra effect will take place.

Instead, rise up, all by yourself. You will see it all, but you'll live in your own 'atmosphere': Inner Peace, Wisdom, Freedom.

I honor you all, I'm so grateful for you, and very proud for your advancement.
Many blessings to you and your loved ones.
- Teacher Marco Antonio Gómez

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Soul Choice, Karma and Infinite Expansion

As a Sovereign Being, you want to experience everything there is to experience, and further create the new.

Karma is often considered a system of self punishment, at best. In many instances, this consciousness of karma is heavily colored by religious beliefs of ‘sin’ and punishment.

That is just one of the perspectives from which to approach this experience, but there is more.

The Mysteries speak of cause and effect, and that’s one of the basic hermetic principles of consciousness and energy as basis of reality.

If we go deeper into Infinite Wisdom, we find that the Soul is not punishing itself. The Soul seeks to expand through experience.

Therefore, working all shades of polarity offers tremendous opportunities for expansion of consciousness and knowledge of the self. This is a never-ending process.

It is said in many spiritual circles that Ascension comes as a result of resolving your Karma, but now we can clearly see that that postulate operates from a consciousness of restriction.

You can loop forever in release mode, and find that the same situations arise in the world of form, confronting you with your own beliefs and definitions, over and over again. Boring.

Let’s go on a liberating tangent, then. Enter High Consciousness.

The expansion point that you have manifested for this lifetime is constantly moving forward, no matter what. Even refusing to explore consciousness is a way to explore consciousness.

Karmic release, ancestral wound release, emotional release, all release happens when we opt for a higher consciousness to be manifested in the now.

In other words, if you have been struggling with any blocks and dense energies, shift your focus. Instead of continually energizing the problems via our constant attention to them, let’s turn our eyes to Eternity Within.

This Radiance of the Self will arise like a raging sea or a calm stream, in many ways, through many channels of your Self.

At first we feel it ‘come from above’.
Then we feel it spring from within.

This is when we know it has been integrated and consolidated.

We experience divinity as Essence, in first person, and prayer stops. Communication goes on, but victimism no longer makes sense when you have experienced the response of energy and reality to your consciousness.

Little by little you see evidence of this responsiveness of reality to your energy. Your heart opens and then your eyes open.

Synchronicity is now visible to you. Intuition allows you to make informed choices, in a way that the common man knows nothing about.

Love becomes your vibrational signature, your experience and your manifestation, especially love from within, as we prove to ourselves that we can only perceive and receive the frequencies that we produce.

This way Soul choice is exercised, in eternal expansion.

You no longer refer to Soul as something else, or as a part of you.

It’s now just You,
human and divine,
alive and breathing,
expanding, yet again,
on beloved Terra.

Shared in love and honor with you, my Family in Eternity

- Marco Antonio Gómez

Thursday, July 9, 2015

People Are Guests in your Personal Space

People Are Guests in your Personal Space

When we interact with a person or a group of people, we modulate to one another. For a few moments we literally change and become a version of the mix. We empathize, we offer and receive our energetic qualities. 

Our personal energetic space is about 25 - 30 feet wide, sometimes more, sometimes less. We breathe the same air. Even the same commonly breathed air. We are much more connected than we realize. And so we mix energies. This is an attribute of us all as Divine Individualities.

Observe how when you finish the interaction you go back to the pure 'you' state, whatever that is. And there you can notice the difference, and whatever energies you are keeping from the interaction.

If you entertain guests in your house, you are gracious and kind, and your guests behave accordingly (supposedly).

But what happens when you have an unruly guest in your personal energy? Will you let them break the china? Will you let them mess the whole place? Ruin the air? Disrespect you and your space? 

Sometimes we do let them, unfortunately. Mostly out of fear to be rejected or abandoned or criticized, we compromise our sweetest and purest inner innocence and our personal safe space.

It is in situations like these where we need to set limits, boundaries, towards the naughty visitor. It doesn't mean we don't like them or love them. It means we are being loving towards ourselves first.

We influence people with our Light, if we maintain it, but we can't decide that others change. 

When we get affected, we are not being overpowered by other people's energy. Instead, we buy into it. We consciously or unconsciously modulate ourselves to the idea presented to us. And many times it is abusive to our Heart and to our Truth.

What to do? Become so used to feeling and manifesting love for YOU, that you immediately and instinctively recognize when others are asserting their troubled energies onto you. Then step away, graciously, if possible. You can always come back to more interactions.

Keep interactions true and short. In and out, in and out, until they understand that you respect yourself and you will take nothing but love and respect from them.

This is not a judgment of others. It is a choice for yourself. You are entitled to it, it is your Sovereign right to maintain your personal Integrity.

Next time this happens, test-drive these principles. Hold your ground. At first some may increase their demands on you, but in the end everyone will recognize that you are taking care of yourself. And deep down, they want that for themselves too. 

This way the love expands, interactions become more heart felt, people are more confident to share the best of their soul more openly.
And little by little, we will all be swayed by the sweet melody of Love 

I honor you.

Marco Antonio Gómez

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

How to Let Go and Experience the Emergence of Self Love

Finding the Positive Intent 
and Experiencing the Emergence of Self Love

Letting go of what is causing us pain in life is one of the hardest things to do. And its hidden workings are so ironic!

The thing is, the challenges that we feel plagued by serve a purpose for us. 

Be it disease, loneliness, financial struggle, family problems, you name it, it’s all there because we are a vibrational match to it, consciously and, mostly, unconsciously. 

If it is in our experience it is serving us. And no other intelligence in the heavens or the underworlds is doing this, but us.

“Why do I have this disabling disease?” for example. 

Find the positive intention within you, the hidden reason why you are manifesting it.

Maybe that disabling disease that traumatizes you allows you to get help. In turn, that allows you to feel loved. You don’t want the disease, you’re using it to get what you really want : to feel loved.

“Why does everyone attack me?” 

By triggering and engaging in arguments and fights, you feel that you are important, that your place within your human group is relevant. You don’t really want to fight, you are using the fighting to feel worthy, accepted, connected. 

“Why did I get fired?” 

You felt miserable in that job. Constrained, disrespected, going nowhere. It had been draining you of your joy of life. Secretly you wanted to have a clean new beginning from zero, as dramatic and troublesome that is. Deep within, you love this challenge, although you are also afraid of it.
You are using the drama to be proud of yourself, to feel empowered.

“I doubt myself”

Having all these doubts prevent me from making a decision, so I can’t be held accountable for making the wrong decision. This allows me to avoid criticism from my family and the people around me, who have always considered me unfit to make my own choices. My positive intention for doubting and sabotaging myself is to avoid shame and maintain approval from other people.

“I lose my temper”

When I get angry people shut up and listen. This gives me a sense of control over other people, which in turns gives me a sense of control over my own life, and I get a feeling of calm and inner peace. My positive intention is to have calm and inner 

“I am fat”

Being fat allows me to feel warm and hidden within myself, not so exposed, and therefore, safe. Deep emotional wounds in my early childhood left my heart crack open and vulnerable. So my positive intention to be fat is to feel safe.

So, this way we make the unconscious conscious. We start peeling the onion to higher and higher positive intentions.

If we find that our positive intention is to gain approval, we can ask ourselves “what is my positive intention for getting approval?” to feel loved.

“why do I need to feel loved?” to feel at Oneness with the Universe and All that Is, which is the core of all of the above mentioned intentions: to feel 'Home', to be back in Grace, in Love, in Oneness.

So dear friends, this is not an easy exercise. It takes courage to face our deepest intentions honestly, and to do what it takes to find a positive way for them to be fulfilled, instead of having experiences which are painful and detrimental to our well being and the well being of everyone around us.

This way we are able to let go of the challenging experiences that mirror our consciousness, by being honest about our positive intentions, and understanding why we have perpetuated these conditions ourselves.

That’s why all teachings of Wisdom in the world say: “Know thyself”

Know yourself. But not only the (usually negative) opinion of yourself, but the most innocent and tender essence of your being.

Look deeper, and you will find that at the core of the onion is a good intention, both in yourself and in others. Everything we do in life we do it because we think it will make us feel better, safer, loved, fulfilled.

And then, after you have seen all these layers of your being, be it “good” or “bad” , 
you will make sense to yourself. 

Then you will be able to accept it all, 
and self love will rise like the morning sun within you.

You will love yourself as you really are, 
not as you think you should be

You will love yourself in all your versions, 
not only the most accepted and virtuous ones.

You will love yourself without a reason, because no reason is needed, because love has always been there, and you recognize it as your pure Essence…. 

and in that moment…
in that precise moment you’ll know yourself both Human and Divine, 
and you’ll know that all is well.

A tremendous feeling of inner peace, 
a sensual flow of well being will take you over, 
and you will know that you are that too.

And from the greatest depths of your Being, 
you’ll hear your True Voice inside say :

“I Am that I Am”

And so it is.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

"HOW WE ROLL WITH THE HUMANS" A contemporary tale by HERMES

 (From an interdimensional experience I had recently)

Hermes speaking >>

We enjoyed hanging out together, Myself Hermes, Apollo, Aphrodite, Proserpina, and some others, with the greatest of the open humans, those willing to experience that “magic” belongs to every world.

- “Hi Robin!”  said I, as we saw Robin Williams smiling, we were so pleased to play with him!!

We all said hi, laughed and joked. What a delight of a person he is! I thought about giving him a treat:

- “You know….? I can ….fly!!!” I said to Robin

And then I created dozens of baby blue feathers of light around him , and Robin started floating on top of them, with that smile and that joy we all love him for.

- “Humanity still has a lot to learn from this paradigm, and you’re ruining it all with your games, Hermes” said Apollo, my boring brother.

Ignoring him, and for what appeared just an instant, I took Robin to the edge of this dimension and back. Robin was overjoyed!

- “Are you aware you are still at the same point, Robin?” said Apollo

- “Gee…but what about the fun, huh?” I replied

Next scene, we were on the sidewalk, lying on the ground, choosing fabric for some new outfits we wanted, incarnations we were planning.

Apollo and I are standing, Aphrodite and Proserpine are lying on the floor, and Robin…being Robin, clowning around on the floor as well, looking up to the sky.

I exchanged naughty looks with Aphrodite, as she looked at me and said:

- “The things that phallus and I can do are amazing!!”, she said wholeheartedly, with a mischievous smile.

I just chuckled, looking at Apollo’s grin. He has enjoyed the remark, but he is way too serious to admit it.

- “Oh come on!!!!! You loved that!!!  A second or two ago you loved it!!! And I danced back and forth, replaying the image records of the comment, manipulating time with my steps.

He finally smiled and then I saw Robin and I said “maybe the best image of RW, right there!” as he was face up looking to the sky

“I am tired of this world” he said, to our surprise.

We understood what he meant. So we decided to leave this dimension. Apollo and I called everyone to the ‘airport’. There were lots of people at the gates. We passed them by.

On the runway, to my right side, there was only  Apollo, no Robin, no girls. We wondered if they had decided to stay or they were already on the planes.

Apollo and I approached the runway as we sped up. We matched the frequency of the bodies of light that were taking off in that moment, but we needed no planes.

- “Are they with you, pilot?” we asked one of them as we moved along the runway.

- “No” the pilot just nodded.

- “Ok then” we said, understanding they had decided to stay here.

Then , Apollo and I accelerated.
We could hear this matrix roar like a raging fire as we sped up.
So much fun!!!
And in a flash of light, we took off, disappearing from this dimension.

- Marco Antonio Gómez

Monday, September 29, 2014

The Key to Communication is Frequency.

The Key to Communication is Frequency.

Many times when we have communication problems with someone we think it is caused by a lack of understanding. Or a particular character flaw (of the other one, of course).

Whether it's a family relationship, romantic, business relationship, etc, we struggle with the communication issue.

And it can be so frustrating! We see that both parties really want to overcome the problem, they are both sincere, and understanding. 

A perspective from Higher Consciousness allows us to see the dynamics better: it's all about Frequency.

When dealing with a problem, instead of looking at the "practical" side, see the emotions involved, see the consciousness of the parties. Consider Frequency.

That's why sometimes you want to explain Higher Knowledge to someone, and they just hear noise, instead of your voice: they are not tuned to your "station", and vice versa.

If you tune yourself down, let's say, to be on the same level, so to speak, you'll lose clarity: you will feel like the dog that is chasing its tail, a state of confusion. Still no communication.

What to do? Raise your vibration, your frequency, and not only yours, but the frequency of person you're dealing with.

How to do it? Bring up a high frequency aspect that can act as a common denominator, a temporary "frequency hub" , where you can meet despite having some opposing views.

For example, as a parent, you are talking to your spouse about an issue regarding your child. You may have different views, but you can both decide to act based on your love for the child. 

And you start with this, stating it clearly: "One thing we know for sure: we love our child, and we'll come up with a new creative way to live in harmony in the highest good of all"......and you stick with this energy, holding the potential and intent for the highest good of all. 

You do your best, while allowing others to do theirs. 

And you all do it based on a high intention, love. Soon you'll find yourselves interacting in a higher frequency.

As an Enlightened One, you can observe the human interactions you are immersed in, with Wisdom and an All-seeing Heart. You visualize the Highest Good and offer new creative ways to live in harmony. 

You are the Eye. You have a broader perspective. Use it

You have inner Wisdom, that talks to you inside, as your intuition. Listen to it. Speak it. 

Let the clear intentions of your Soul take precedence over everything else, and you'll shine wherever you are, Child of the Sun.

I honor you.

Marco Antonio Gómez